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I’ve been coming to the Americasmart for over 20 years. I started off staying in Downtown hotels and, about six years ago, decided to relocate to Midtown Atlanta. Although its a little less convenient getting to the convention center, it’s worth it to have great restaurants all within walking distance. We always stay at The Georgian Terrace Hotel, which has been an Atlanta landmark since it opened in 1911. It’s ballroom was the site of The Gone With the Wind Gala in 1939. Many famous guests including Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh and Walt Disney. Although this hotel is not the newest or shiniest, with all the bells and whistles of the hotels popping up on every corner, we keep coming back. Every time I book the rooms, I always think, boy I could earn a lot of Starwood points if we stayed in a different hotel, but I just can’t do it. There’s something to be said about a hotel where the staff is helpful and friendly, remembers and calls you by name……I guess it’s a little bit like why people enjoy shopping at Palmer’s.

Anthony is one of the lovely people we look forward to seeing when we visit!

We have just finished our fifth day of shopping and I have to admit I’m exhausted. We fly out at 6 p.m. tomorrow night, so we have a full day tomorrow to finish up the rest of the show. We have found some fabulous merchandise, some which starts arriving immediately.
You are all going to be as excited as we are when you see what we bought!!!!!
We wanted to share with you some cool displays we saw at the show.

MOSAIC MIRROR REINDEER only $4,000.00. How many would you like? He was spectacular!






How cute are these pig pots!!! Too bad they were ridiculously expensive, I really, really wanted to buy them.


AND HOW COOL IS HE?!?!?! We are going to give him away…not sure sure how yet, but keep your eyes posted to our Facebook page!

And the final spectacular display of the day!

20130714-204821.jpgWe don’t often talk to strange men, but when we do, we make sure it’s the most interesting man in the world!

See you back at the store!

What season is it?!

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Renee and I are in Atlanta at Americasmart, one of the largest Gift Shows in the Country. We come here twice a year, for six days, to do the majority of our buying. At the January show, we set our themes for the following Christmas, and fill in Spring and Summer merchandise. At the Summer show, we finish up our Fall and Christmas buying and, if you can believe it, we buy for next Spring and Summer. Why do we buy so far ahead?! Well, we didn’t used to but, lesson learned! If we don’t buy that far in advance, the good stuff is sold out by the next show.

I think one of the most interesting things about being a giftware buyer is the fact you totally lose track of the season you’re actually living in. It’s crazy switching seasons in your brain every 10 steps.

Lets take today for example….First stop, the temporary vendors in the High Design section, Building 2 West, Floor 3 (luckily only 10 floors to shop in this building). This is one of my favorite places to get inspired, although we don’t buy much because “high design” usually means “highly expensive.” Vintage is totally in this Holiday season and I fell in love with this paper line! We bought vintage Christmas cards, calendars, notebooks and tins of gift tags.



And how about these cute wedding cake boxes that have a votive candle in them. The perfect bridal shower or wedding favor!


Then it’s back to Vintage Christmas in the next aisle with these fun ribbons!

Next floor, Gourmet Food. How about a sample?! Here’s how it went……..literally!
Pickles, pretzels, fudge, beef jerky, chocolate pecans, hot chocolate, popcorn, nuts, barbecue sauce, dill dip, cookies….and that was just the first aisle. Our tummies were not happy after that! We found some great holiday goodies like this delicious peppermint bark.

We decided to skip back over to Building 2 where we had left off on the 11th floor (18 floors of shopping in this building). Lets buy some summer….for 2014! These corrugated tin signs were just too fun to resist.




Today was a great buying day! The showrooms are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and Renee likes to take advantage of every possible minute to shop. I don’t have quite the stamina she does. My brain is totally scrambled after 10 hours. I knew it was time to go home when we started fighting about how many .50 cent Easter bunny pics to buy……..Really?!

Three more days and two more buildings of buying left to do. Hopefully we will find tons of new merchandise you won’t be able to resist.
Enjoy your weekend!
Cindy and Renee

Brooklyn Eats

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Any foodie worth their word knows that Brooklyn is “the place to be.” In recent years, the restaurant scene has been getting lots of attention and it seems as if every hipster on the block is starting up their own artisan food company. From kimchi to marshmallows and everything in between, these small companies are pumping out some amazing products and today, the first ever Brooklyn Eats Trade Show brought them all together. Check out their website.

It was the perfect excuse for a field trip! Our new Specialty Food Buyer Tony, Mom and I piled into the car and, after some ridiculous traffic, made it to the heart of Brooklyn. With Mom in her Lilly Pulizer dress and Tony in his baggy old man pants, we fit right in with the young hip crowd……..

As I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast, the cream filled, sprinkle covered whoopie pie was a great way to start off my morning.


Don’t worry, I made sure to get some fruit in by eating a mixed berry homemade pop tart, YUM! />20130626-182933.jpg
And of course some delicious craft brewed Popsicles…yum!!!!


Around the next corner we figured 11am was a great time to enjoy a nice alcoholic Kombucha beverage.


All kidding aside, we tasted some seriously good eats including the BEST bratwurst EVER! We’re talking juicy meat, oozing with melted cheddar cheese. It was so good that we insisted on getting their product in our store ASAP. Check out our Facebook page to see when they’ll be doing a demo in store (hopefully this Friday from 4-7)20130626-185325.jpg


This caramel sauce was delectable! Of course we had to try all the flavors. Mom’s favorite was the butterscotch, Tony loved the chewy sesame and I was crazy for the spicy chili. They have a great mini size that’s packed in a burlap bag that will be sure to make it into all our gift baskets!!

20130626-182945.jpg<br /
This is just a sampling of all the great stuff we found at the show. Congratulations on your first show Brooklyn Eats!!
This weekend we are off to the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in NYC, so keep your eye out for our daily blog.
Happy Eating!
Megan, Cindy and Tony

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