Atlanta…our home away from home

I’ve been coming to the Americasmart for over 20 years. I started off staying in Downtown hotels and, about six years ago, decided to relocate to Midtown Atlanta. Although its a little less convenient getting to the convention center, it’s worth it to have great restaurants all within walking distance. We always stay at The Georgian Terrace Hotel, which has been an Atlanta landmark since … Continue reading Atlanta…our home away from home

Brooklyn Eats

Any foodie worth their word knows that Brooklyn is “the place to be.” In recent years, the restaurant scene has been getting lots of attention and it seems as if every hipster on the block is starting up their own artisan food company. From kimchi to marshmallows and everything in between, these small companies are pumping out some amazing products and today, the first ever … Continue reading Brooklyn Eats

How much candy is too much candy?!

Renee and I are on the road again at the Sweets and Snack Expo in Chicago. There are 15,000 attendees from 70 countries representing a 300 billion dollar industry. With more than 3 acres of candy and snacks to sample, we are up for the challenge….or are we?! In the lobby of the convention center they had these fabulous candy wrapper dresses on display! There … Continue reading How much candy is too much candy?!

On the road again..this time it’s for eats!

My daughter Megan, our Executive Chef and I, are in San Francisco at the Fancy Food Show. What’s that?! The NASFT (The National Association for Specialty Food Trade) was started in 1952 to foster trade in the 75 billion dollar specialty food industry. Twice a year they hold shows in San Francisco and New York City that bring in more than 40,000 attendees from more … Continue reading On the road again..this time it’s for eats!

Day Six – Finding Great Pics!

Today we finally made it to Building Three where most of the temporary vendors are located. This building is the Apparel Mart. I can only imagine what its like during market when all the clothing manufacturers are here. It’s a really cool space!!! This year you will be seeing these colors in all the stores. From placemats and tablecloths to pillows and rugs, I think … Continue reading Day Six – Finding Great Pics!

Day Five – Vintage thrives!

We have gone crazy for Vintage Christmas…….It’s so beautiful, abundant and hard to resist! This is THE trend for Christmas 2013! The showrooms are filled with sparkling silver glitter and lots of old fashioned “mercury” glass and silver accents from tree decorations to home decor. Reindeer, candles, hurricanes, votive holders and so much more! We can’t wait to share it all with you. We agree…..”Life … Continue reading Day Five – Vintage thrives!